Wallet Drop


Create differentiation and buzz for Burger King’s Value Menu offerings and break through the QSR value message saturation.


Building on the successful TV campaign, Reverse Pickpocket, we created BK Wallet Drop, a street stunt activation to connect with consumers in a unique and memorable way. We first created the King’s Wallet: a leather billfold holding the King’s ID, BK gift cards, and money in denominations ranging from $1 to $100. We also added fun supporting items: the King’s dry cleaning receipt, maps to local BK restaurants and the King’s Business card. We “dropped” over 15,000 wallets all over five major metro areas and captured video as consumers found them. The program exploded virally with millions of social media posts and garnered significant coverage on local TV news stations and newspapers. Hundreds of consumers, unprompted, called the voicemail number on the King’s card to report that they had found his wallet.

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