Twitter Vending Machine


Our challenge was to appeal to a digitally savvy group of San Francisco-based foodie bloggers during an interactive cooking demonstration with Negra Modelo aficionado and world-renowned chef, Chef Rick Bayless. 


To generate the largest social buzz for Negra Modelo while leveraging their existing partnership with Bayless, we opted to build a fully functional Twitter Vending Machine (TVM) designed to highlight Negra Modelo’s position as “the perfect complement” to good food – the brand’s credo. As one of our foodie bloggers approached the TVM, they were met with a series of pre-populated tweets displayed on a tablet mounted to the machine. These tweets ranged from “There are few things in life better than a @NegraModeloUSA and ______________” to “My favorite food to pair with @NegraModeloUSA? Easy. ___________.” After filling in the blank and posting their tweet, the TVM dispensed a branded product like a cutting board, bottle opener, branded chef jacket, or a USB thumb drive containing some of Bayless’ most prized recipes. 


During the two-hour event... 


  • @NegraModeloUSA & #ThePerfectComplement were delivered to 2.2 million Twitter timelines  
  • #NegraModelo was delivered to 648,615 Twitter timelines  
  • Generated 267 positive branded tweets
  • Increased @NegraModeloUSA’s Twitter following by 18%
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