Seattle Chef Challenge


Negra Modelo is a truly unique beer brand that provides drinkers with the rich dark color and carmel flavors of a micro brew but also the smooth drinkability of a lager. This flavor and drinkability pairing make the brand an excellent compliment to food. However, the brand suffers from low awareness and misconceptions.


To illustrate the brand’s versatility and its ability to pair well with food we targeted the foodie community. Legacy leveraged the brand’s relationship with Chef Rick Bayless to target local Seattle chefs. We produced a Chef Challenge event, where Chef Rick Bayless worked alongside his old-time friend and Seattle icon, Chef Tom Douglas. Event attendees included local account chefs and management, along with influential food bloggers. Each chef prepared a special dish incorporating Negra Modelo, for which all the guests were able to sample. The chefs further educated the guests on the value of the brand as a tool in food preparation. Following the Chef Challenge, media bloggers and #FoodieChat followers worldwide, digitally engaged with Chef Bayless in an exclusive feature of #FoodieChats, a weekly Twitter hashtag chat. #FoodieChats trended #1 in the world at the time of Negra Modelo + Bayless #FoodieChats, #FoodieChats tweets reached 1.35 Million users, and #NegraChefChallenge tweets reached 5.39 Million users.

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