My Pack Tour


Legacy and Tic Tac wanted to create memorable engagement with millennials while driving sampling and generating social buzz and amplification.


Legacy and Tic Tac created the My Pack Tour, touring the country to popular festivals, including Tortuga Music Festival, and Minneapolis’s Spring Jam. Guests received empty Tic Tac boxes labeled with RFID stickers allowing them the opportunity to create and name their very own mix. Guests could mix and match any of the 13 different Tic Tac flavors to create their ideal pack. Green screen activations and a massive Tic Tac box were available for photos and immediate social sharing, providing a lasting reach directly to our target market. To extend the reach, consumers had the ability to log onto and create a virtual version of their perfect Tic Tac pack, with the brand selecting random users to send a surprise pack of their creation to. The tour brought awareness directly to the millennial market while promoting digital interaction and social sharing.

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