Marooned On Malibu Island


Cement Malibu Rum as the official drink of everything “Summer” while driving awareness and trial to the extensive Malibu portfolio.


Legacy partnered with the “official band of summer”, Maroon 5, throughout their 2013 summer tour.
To fully immerse consumers in the idea of being “Marooned on Malibu Island”, a unique Facebook page was created that allowed users to create their own “island”, listen to music, play games, and invite their friends to join – with the best island winning a trip to Malibu Island, a massive 200x200 destination built in the parking lots of amphitheaters in Chicago and Dallas for the Maroon 5 Summer Tour. The activation included a beach volleyball court, cornhole games, and a Malibu-branded DuoSpan tent, the only one of its kind in the United States. Within the tent was a full, concert-style audio and visual setup that rivaled that of the amphitheater itself. A made-to-fit LED board glowing with images of summer stood out as a live DJ played tunes and consumer enjoyed Malibu cocktails at one of the many bars on premise.

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