MaliBUZZ Newsletter eCRM/Malibu On-Premise Sampling


Build brand awareness, capture data / build CRM database, amplify reach on social media channels, and cultivate ongoing engagement between consumers and the Malibu brand.


To increase reach and amplify brand exposure, Legacy developed an integrated approach to Malibu’s campaign strategy, utilizing multiple channels simultaneously. To keep the audience engaged outside the event space, we developed a MaliBuzz Newsletter program that was distributed to ~80,000 users on a semi-monthly basis. Using the data from each distribution, we analyzed audience demographics, interests, and behaviors to inform future creative efforts while also improving Malibu’s CRM database. We were able to determine the types of email subject lines that users respond best to, the types of content that users are most interested in, and the times of day that users are most receptive to distributions. To further grow audience size, we also implemented an on-premise data capture program prompting visitors to sign up for the newsletter, which boosted the size and quality of our database.

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