Grand Opening


Create grand opening experiences worthy of the World’s Foremost Outfitter as part of the brand’s largest and fastest expansion in its history.


The Cabela’s consumer is extremely brand loyal, often driving up to 6 hours to attend a Cabela’s grand opening. Our job was to make the experience worth the trip. Moreover, as Cabela’s was opening a new store every three weeks for two years, we needed to drive efficiency and simplicity into the process. We started by creating a mobile tour set (branded vehicle and trailer, tenting, backdrops, set elements), along with a traveling production kit (sound system, crowd control, staging) and a consistent, well trained tour management staff. Together these dramatically reduced the support time needed by Cabela’s staff, and reduced costs while creating a better, more impactful, more consistent image for the brand at these critical launch events. Additionally, we brought new consumer engagement tools to the event to improve attended experience and managed all local PR liaison in order to increase market buzz.

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