Develop a unique way to promote Modelo Especial’s brand qualities of authenticity and self-expression while driving awareness and recruiting new drinkers.


Legacy partnered Modelo Especial with Three of One Arts, a collection of emerging artists that embrace the qualities of authenticity and self-expression mirrored by Modelo. They were tasked with creating four unique pieces of glassware for Modelo Especial, with each expressing a core value of the brand. Heritage: Capturing the spirit of Modelo’s roots as a “model” beer since 1925, Expression: A homage to self-expression and a celebration of the culture and passion of Modelo consumers, Style: Representing the smooth taste of Modelo, with the iconic gold foil wrapping as inspiration, and Essence: Paying tribute to the consumers who built Modelo’s brand story. To announce the creation of these pieces, Legacy created a keep-the-glass program that ran throughout the summer in key on-premise accounts, generating brand awareness, loyalty, and direct consumer interaction.

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