Top 10 Ways to Use Social Media at Your Next Event

Posted by Molly Mott / September 2

As you plan your next event, it is important to take advantage of social media as part of your event marketing. In fact, social media marketing has become one of the top ways that businesses spread the word about their events. The following 10 tips should help improve your social media marketing and increase attendance.

1. Make a Fan Page

Your company most likely already has a a social media page, but you can create another page specifically for your event. This will make it easy to keep all event updates in one place and make it easier for your attendees to find information.

2. Get Influential People to Talk About the Event

Mentions about your event from well-known people will get the attention of your target audience. Make sure to partner with someone who is influential in your industry or somehow involved with the actual event, such as a guest speaker, to keep the mentions authentic.

3. Use Images in Social Media

Studies show that the most popular social media posts incorporate images. Make sure you are incorporating proven post tactics. . You can post photos of past events or the venue for this year’s event. You can also make your own infographics or videos, such as interviews with those involved with your upcoming event.

4. Encourage Participation

Social media provides a great opportunity to interact with your followers. As the event gets closer, ask open-ended event related questions to encourage your audience to have a voice. . You may even get some useful information that will guide event flow and activites.

5. Write Blogs About the Event

You don’t have to have a team of writers to create a blog posts about the upcoming event. You can write in depth posts or simply make a list of why people should attend. Make sure to share the posts through social media channels to increase exposure.

6. Attract an Audience with Contests

During the countdown to the event, you can attract people to your social media pages by creating a contest. Make it possible for people to win free tickets to the event or VIP experiences that may include prime seating or meet and greets with guest speakers.

7. Use an Evergreen Hashtag

Hashtags are very common when it comes to social media marketing, but some businesses make the mistake of making the hastag too specific, such as including the date of the event. While this might make sense as you market your event this year, but when you start marketing next year’s event, you’re going to lose the publicity you gained the previous year. If you want to get the most from your hashtag, leave off the date to make it more general.

8. Get a Head Count

You can use social media marketing tactics to determinehow many people will attend your event. Of course, the number won’t be exact, but if you make it easy to RSVP through social media, you will have an idea of how much interest there is. This makes planning easier on you.

9. Promote Check-Ins

Encourage people to check in at the event or at related functions leading up to the important day. Consider offering a coupon or entrance to a contest for those who check in using social media.

10. Link Your Social Media Pages

If you have accounts across several social media platforms, link them together with a service like HootSuite. This way, you can update all of your pages at once and have more time for planning your event.



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