Building Loyalty Through Event Customization

Posted by Molly Mott / December 26

As I thought about writing this post, I was excited to be able to connect one of my favorite past times, shopping, and my career in an effort to create better experiences for event attendees. As I shopped for family and friends this year, one of the growing trends I saw was the customization and personalization of gifts. Whether it was an initial etched on a glass, a monogram embroidered on a duffel bag, a full name printed on a box or the ability to design your own shoes, almost everything was customized and personalized.

But, as popular as this trend has become, there are so few people who are doing it with their events. Many times an event is pulled off the shelf, dusted off from last year and executed as it is each and every time. Every attendee receives the same gift and each attendee has the exact same experience. Attendees do not feel special or unique.   

That doesn’t have to be the case though. With a few easy steps an event can be customized to fit both the brand and the attendee to create a richer experience and help find that area where rational needs and emotional benefits meet.

Start Over: Plan each event as if it was the first time you’ve executed it – even if it happens every year. Don’t just dust off an old program. Look at last year’s feedback. Review updated company goals and strategies. Research the market again. Look for new gifting ideas. New opportunities are sure to have arisen from the previous year.

Ask Questions: During event registration ask attendees a few simple questions that can help customize their experience. What newspaper do you prefer to read? What type of music do you listen to? What are your favorite drinks/snacks?

Act: Take the information you’ve gathered and act on it. Updated goals and strategies may lead to different needs for the event. Attendee information translates into easy touches – have the attendee's favorite newspaper in the car when they are met at the airport, have each attendee’s mini-bar stocked with their favorite snacks.

Customization and personalization is an easy thing to do but makes such a huge impact on attendees. By showing the attendee that you really know them, you will create an instant connection and show your appreciation. In turn, you will create loyal customers. 

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