Legacy at EventTech 2013

Posted by Michelle Gallagher / November 26

Earlier this month, Legacy Marketing Partners attended the EventTech conference in Las Vegas.  EventTech is the world's only conference focused on the use of digital and social media to optimize events and trade shows.  

Legacy's leadership in the experiential marketing + social integration space resulted in our selection to present three conference sessions.  Each of the presentations can be found here and a brief summary is included below:

  • Instagram and Events:  Our presentation focused on the top 10 tips for integration of Instagram into event marketing strategy, and how to build campaigns that will correctly (operative word) tie into and amplify the power of the Instagram trend.  
  • Mastering Pinterest in Event Marketing:  Legacy shared our POV on the benefits of tapping into Pinterest for event marketers—what works and more importantly, what doesn’t—and how leading brands are making the most of the growing trend. 
  • Budgeting for Technology and Social Media:  We demystified the social media budgeting process (hint: just like everything else, it starts with clearly defined objectives) and gave direction on how to properly budget for technology and social media elements in your event P&L.


Also during the conference, Legacy was awarded Silver for the Event Technology Award--Best Event Microsite for our ABSOLUT Stuga event series!  You can read more about the award-winning ABSOLUT Stuga program here.

Be sure to check out our EventTech presentations on SlideShare and we always welcome your suggestions for our next presentation topics.

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