EventTech 2014 – Tuesday Recap

Posted by Michelle Gallagher / November 5

Tuesday at EventTech at The Bellagio in Las Vegas was full of awesome talks and technology. I had the opportunity to attend a number of sessions throughout the day. Be sure to check out our Instagram for a photo recap of the day as well.  A couple of highlights follow:

On the morning Keynote session, Fritz Grobe and Stephen Voltz (famous for creating the original Diet Coke/Mentos video) presented the Viral Video Manifesto, a guide to creating “contagious content” for your brand.  In this talk, Grobe & Voltz broke down the four “must have” rules of viral video success:

  1. Be True – Don’t be forced, clichéd, or disingenuous to your brand
  2. Don’t Waste Time – Get to the point, and don’t waste all of your time developing a large storyline. Being concise is key
  3. Be Unforgettable – Do something that no one has ever seen; the scale of your viral content is incredible important
  4. It’s All About Humanity – Strive to make a human connection with your content to create interaction on an emotional level

Another great session I attended was presented by Bryan Rasch, titled “How to Pick the Right Digital Extensions for your Events”. In this session, Bryan explained how new and upcoming technology is great, but to be truly effective and worthwhile it has to enhance the consumer’s experience - you can’t (and shouldn’t) use new technology simply for technology’s sake.  He spoke of four key qualities to keep in mind when driving toward the right digital extension for your events:

  1. Scale – Size, breadth, depth and relevancy drives awareness – technology can be a major attraction to any event
  2. Novel – Combining technology with a strong brand story makes brand engagements that much more memorable
  3. Personal – The technology used at your event must be both relevant and valuable to that event’s target consumers
  4. Amplify – Interactions at events are crucial, and the right technology helps vastly extend the reach of any event well beyond the individual live interactions

As seen in the photo below, Bryan explained how digital extensions should be mapped to cover all of the areas on the grid. When done so correctly, the right technology can personalize brand engagements and make them more memorable and sharable.

Of course my favorite two sessions of the day were presented by our very own Matt Brown and Chris Vuletich. The first, How to Create a Twitter Vending Machine, took us through the process of taking a common vending machine and turning it into a digitally enabled extension for any event. A white paper on the event can be found here, and the full presentation can be found here.

Matt and Chris’s second session showcased our work on a LinkedIn social connect lounge, which allowed trade show attendees to connect via LinkedIn to see how they are tied to everyone else in the room.  It was a great way to break the mold of the traditional trade show experience and to ensure there weren’t any missed connections between attendees.

Looking forward to more sessions Wednesday! 

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