How Marketers and Advertisers Will Use Google Glass

Posted by Matt Brown / May 6

In one sense, the 24-hour Google Glass sales event was a success. All units sold out and there was demand for more, according to Google. On the other hand, buyers expressed that what they got is very much a work-in-progress with very few apps. That's understandable, since Google Glass won't officially launch until later this year: this was really an expanded beta test.

The real story is not about what it can do now but the potential that marketers see coming with a slate of new apps. Here are a handful of ideas on how advertisers and marketers can adapt to the coming trend in wearable augmentation tech.

  • Links to eCommerce: One potential usage could resemble the QR code (which allows users to quickly drive to a website from a user’s mobile device). In this case, physical products could easily drive users to the brand’s online shopping cart, which would be helpful if the user wanted to use an alternate form of payment or wanted to ship the product to a friend.
  • Direct Purchase Options: Integration with Google Wallet could make the path to purchase quicker and easier by removing the need for credit cards or any physical payment method.
  • Reviews and Augmented Details: This feature could allow users to quickly and easily assess online reviews for a given product to aid in their purchase decision. This functionality could really save the brick-and-mortar stores like Best Buy that are currently complaining that users come in to try out their products, and then make their actual purchases on Amazon.
  • Mapping from local search: This is the hottest area for development right now as advertisers consider what is unique about this technology. A local search can do more than pop up a phone number or address now. Marketers can launch a GPS-type guidance mapped onto the user's visual with arrows leading to the closest location.


Before the next Google Glass sales event, it pays to discover the apps that are available or in development and to start brainstorming marketing strategies. Early movers will have a tremendous advantage in discovering the strengths of this wild new frontier.

Photo courtesy of Creative Commons

Author: Matt Brown