Event Marketing Summit – Day 2: Three Key Takeaways

Posted by Lori Ryan / May 9

Day 2 of the Event Marketing Summit was just as busy as the first (check out my Day 1 Recap here)! A full slate of panels and seminars kept me on my toes, and the knowledge being shared throughout this entire event is truly mind-blowing. Here are my three key takeaways from yesterday’s seminars:

The word of the day… er, the conference, is AUTHENTIC: Brands need to create AUTHENTIC experiences, partnerships, dialogue, etc.  There is no silver bullet or one-size-fits-all solution in the world of experiential marketing.  Staying true to the brand principles and tenets is something that should be top of mind when designing any live engagement -- consumers are craving that authenticity.

Facebook v Twitter - the ongoing battle: I sat in an interesting session that laser focused on the college-aged millennial (there were even 2 real live college students present to answer our lame questions!), discussing which is the right social media tool to best target them—Facebook or Twitter. 

The answer is …. It depends, as both Facebook & Twitter serve vastly different purposes.  Essentially, they reported using Twitter more for quick news flashes, interacting with brands / celebs & for topline data (they LOVE the 140 character limit!).  Facebook is used more often for group information (keeping up with relevant social groups), broad circles of friends and getting recommendations.

What does Twitter offer over Facebook?  Access.  People can easily jump into conversations via hashtags, tweet at celebs or brands, or start their own conversation.   What does Facebook have that Twitter doesn’t?  Via Facebook connect, many consumers use Facebook for 1-click access to favorite apps, websites, etc. 

There is a purpose for all social media outlets and marketer’s should take this into consideration when developing campaigns / messaging to determine how to best use each property to maximize message relevancy & reach. 

Always-On Social: When planning events, it’s important to connect with your consumers BEFORE, DURING & AFTER the event to keep the brand engagement up.  Some of the ways brands are connecting are outlined below:

PRE: Registration for event, pre-event sweeps / upgrades, agenda, etc

DURING: This is the most valuable time, as this is when consumers can SHARE out their experience with your brand to become endorsers of your product

POST: Invite to future events, send purchase drivers, award points for having consumer invite friends / add to your network

Time to get back into the action here on day 3, where we will be presenting on The 360-Degree Sponsorship Approach at 2pm! Keep an eye out for our Day 3 and full-event recaps coming soon!