YouTube Unveils New Streaming Service

Posted by Legacy Marketing / October 30


YouTube Unveils New Streaming Service 

Last week, YouTube unveiled its newest venture - YouTube Red - a subscription service which costs $9.99 a month. This new app lets you watch videos without ads, save videos for offline viewing and it will still continuing to play your videos in the background when you leave the app. Beginning next year, the app will also host original content that non-subscribers won't have access to. YouTube Red strongly emphasizes music discovery, so once you listen to a music video it will create a playlist with related songs and like Pandora, you can click the “love” button on any song to queue up similar songs. This is a big step for YouTube to compete with streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music but the company also ruffled some feathers with the announcement. 

Dunkin Donuts Capitalizing Off The "Pumpkin" Trend 

It’s become fairly obvious that people have become obsessed with pumpkin – pumpkin spice, pumpkin flavoring, pumpkin anything. Dunkin Donuts has done a great job of capitalizing on the Pumpkin Latte content people are creating with their #DDPumpkin 360-degree digital marketing efforts. This campaign features dedicated email blasts, a content hub that congregates #DDPumpkin posts across social platforms onto one page, experiential events, and Snapchat geofilters around store locations. All of the efforts have been promoted by a variety of social influencers and brand advocates chosen by Dunkin Donuts. The company is also dishing out plenty of pumpkin and fall-inspired social media content on their own platforms, as well.

Apple Music Makes Its Virtual Reality Debut

Another week, another new story of how a company is utilizing the latest virtual reality software. This week everyone is talking about Apple Music’s first-ever virtual reality project which comes in the form of a new U2 music video. The company teamed up with U2 and VR company Vrse for this project - where users can strap on an Oculus Rift headset and be transported onstage at a U2 concert with the band singing their new song, “Song For Someone”. The 360-degree experience ends with a call-to-action to listen to more of the bands tracks on Apple Music. This VR experience is being promoted on U2’s “Experience Bus”, a bus that parks outside arenas on tour stops and allows fans to come inside, put on a headset, and check out the video for themselves.

App of the Week: Never Eat Alone
In any big corporate structure, it can be easy to find yourself eating lunch with the same people from the same department or even eating alone at your desk. This app is here to try to switch things up for you. The idea is simple, it’s like Tinder but for work colleagues to eat lunch with. A company purchases the app and employees can set up profiles saying what department they work in and interests they have. From there, you can swipe through to find colleagues and set up a lunch. Not only is it good for social means but it can also help with networking, brainstorming and more!