Facebook & Virtual Reality? Possibilities Are Endless

Posted by Legacy Marketing / October 9


  • Facebook VR - In recent Facebook news, the platform has not only released a new set of emoji “Like” buttons this past week, but Zuckerberg also announced that the company is experimenting with virtual reality. This advancement has been rumored for a while, since Facebook recently bought virtual reality front-runner Oculus. While The Zuck's gave few details as to how Facebook will make its virtual reality debut, there are thousands of ways Facebook could utilize the platform. One example, imagined up by TechCrunch, could be “walking down the street and getting a heads-up display for the number of likes a business has.” The world will have to wait and see…
  • Twitter Moments - With the hopes of showing more people the value of the platform, Twitter has launched a new feature called “Moments”, aimed to engage the less hard-core Twitter users. More devoted Twitter users usually scroll through their chronological timeline to catch the latest news, checking multiple times a day. But Moments is geared to collect and group tweets surrounding certain topics in separate timelines. This new feature is intended to collect the best and most interesting of Twitter all in one place while also making it easier and more efficient to get news, updates, and all of the latest.
  • Bud-E Fridge - Bud Light recently unveiled their latest contraption and the most bro-tastic appliance of our generation: the “Bud-E Fridge”. This wi-fi connected refrigerator can count down to when your beer will be cold, sync with your favorite football team’s schedule, and even keep tabs on your beer stock to alert you when you are low, giving you the option to order Bud Light home delivery service right from your phone. The app also delivers a location-based map that shows you places around you where you can buy Bud Light. The smart fridge is also equipped with an “e-Alarm” that can send the fridge-owner an alert when someone snags a beer from the fridge, also allowing them a “talk” option to scold the thief.
  • App of the Week: Saucey - An app with the motto “It’s Always Happy Hour” is Legacy’s type of app. Consider this like the GrubHub of alcohol. You set your location, pick whatever alcohol you want and from there a courier will deliver the booze straight to you. One of the most frequently asked questions, how do they know that you’re 21? Your ID will be verified by a trained Saucey courier with an ID scanner upon delivery.