Snapchats plans to cash in with "Lenses" sponsorships

Posted by Legacy Marketing / October 15


Digital/Social Trends:

  • Disney’s Augmented Reality - To celebrate Mickey Mouse’s 83rd birthday, Disney Parks put together a special augmented reality experience on a 60-foot digital billboard in the heart of Times Square. Visitors start by stepping on an orb where they can then interact with famous Disney characters while being projected onto the billboard. What makes this AR experience stand out? Disney says that unlike other AR events, many of the character interactions are done live – meaning the characters can respond directly to how the guests are moving and how the crowd is reacting.

  • #TasteofBlack - Guinness in South Korea - Contrary to its popularity in other markets, Guinness is still a relatively small player in the South Korean beer scene – usually being beaten out by non–descript local lagers. That’s why they’ve launched a new campaign built around the hashtag #TasteofBlack, aimed to break through the perception of an overwhelmingly strong or pungent taste assumed because of the black color of the beer. The integrated campaign – with participation at its core – will focus on digital, social media,  and consumer/trade promotional activity. The campaign also utilizes three Korean influencers who star in the TV spot and have signed on to talk about the #TasteOfBlack experience on their popular Youtube channels.
  • Snapchat “Lenses” Sponsorship - Snapchat’s latest update, Lenses, has been a hit among its more than 100 million users. The company has announced that in a few weeks, advertisers will be able to take their own share of the space. If you’re not sure what Snapchat “Lenses” are, you can learn more about them here and funny ways people are using them here and here. Data shared by Snapchat says that these lenses are expected to rack up anywhere from 11 million to 16 million views, depending on the day. And with stats like that, these advertisements won’t come cheap, with the highest fee being rumored to be $700,000 for holidays – though Snapchat declined to comment on the pricing.
  • App of the week: UberRUSH - Uber has recently hooked up with e-commerce platform Shopify to offer same-day delivery services to users in a new portion of their app called UberRUSH. After having been tested since April, the app has now publicly launched UberRUSH in San Fransisco, New York and Chicago. This may not mean much for every-day users but could be essential for small business who want to offer delivery or need help with deliveries during their busiest times. While UberRUSH is currently only working with local shops (not big retailers like their competitor Postmates), one can only guess where they will take it next.