See Ya, Google Glass! Who's Next?

Posted by Legacy Marketing / March 30

Check out some of this past week’s latest digital and social media trends!

Now that Google Glass has stepped out of the limelight, similar companies may try to work their way into the smart eyewear territory. Just this past week, Sony released their first generation Sony SmartEyeglass in ten different countries for a price of $840 a piece. The eyewear allows you to send text messages, receive directions, and take pictures.  Though similar to Google Glass, Sony is trying to set themselves apart by offering unique hologram optics technology and “true augmented reality experiences.” With the lofty price and goofy design, many people have scoffed at the latest release. Seeing as there is very limited interest in the digital glasses industry, it will be interesting to see how well this particular gadget does in market. Check out more at Tech Times.

Mircosoft’s recent acquisition of the five-person San Francisco based startup Liveloop has been making headlines. Developed as a PowerPoint plugin, it enables groups to work on a single presentation together in real time. It works by converting presentations into Web URLs that can be viewed from any computer or phone and, unlike WebEx or GoToMeeting, without installing any software. Microsoft hopes to work with the plugin to expand across all Office applications. Check out more details on Venture Beat and Computer Weekly.

Last week, Instagram launched its new standalone app called Layout. This app makes it easy to compose a quick collage of photos and helps solve the problem of sharing too many photos at once. Unlike similar collage and image editing apps, Layout allows you to arrange images without intrusive borders and experiment with more editing options such as mirror. More details on GeekWire and Gizmodo.