Meerkat Ushers In New Wave Of Mobile Video Streaming

Posted by Legacy Marketing / March 24

There’s a lot to cover in this week’s roundup of the latest digital/social trends!

To start, you should know that there was a pack of adorable St. Bernards rescue dogs roaming Austin last week to save SXSW attendees with low cell batteries. Thanks to Mophie’s partnership with the local rescue dog foundation, if you tweeted a picture of your dying phone battery with #mophierescue to their Twitter handle, they would send out a cute St. Bernard and human equipped with a charger to help you out. Check out more details on Adweek.

Meerkat is the new live-streaming video App that’s gaining huge buzz in the digital realm. It allows you to start a video stream directly from your phone which sends a tweet alert to your followers and allows them to join in on your experience in real-time. Viewers can also sign on and tweet their commentary directly from the App. Celebrities and brands alike are joining in on the fun: Red Bull has used it for broadcasting an ice skating competition, the Miami Dolphins used it to broadcast live clips from a game, and Tony Hawk and Ashton Kutcher have been jumping on it as well. Check out more details on TechCrunch and Mashable.

You might’ve heard about Magic Leap, the secretive virtual reality company that secured $542M in investment dollars from Google and others. Well, we’ve finally seen a glimpse of what they’ve been working on and it’s pretty amazing. A few days ago, the company posted this video featuring a game with robots, ray guns, and explosions right in the middle of your own living room. It’s hard to believe that this video hasn’t been re-touched or enhanced in any way, which seems to be the speculation over at Gizmodo. More details also on TechCrunch.