Johnsonville & Uber Deliver Grandmas To Your Doorstep

Posted by Legacy Marketing / November 5

Johnsonville & Uber Deliver Grandmas To Your Doorstep 

This Sunday in Chicago only, Uber and Johnsonville Brats have teamed up to bring real Italians Grandmas right to your doorstep. Yes, you read that right. On November 8th between 2pm-6pm, Johnsonville will be carting around real (as in, not paid actors) Italian nonnas in miniature houses attached to the back of Uber cars to deliver you a piping hot comfort meal. Chicagoans can choose to order “The Sausage Nonna’s” on their Uber app and within minutes an Italian Grandma will arrive to cook you a free, authentic Italian sausage meal in the kitchen of her mini home. Word is that if you request it, one of the three Nonna’s will even come in and set your table for you. 

Ringly Adds New Prospect To Wearable Tech  

Debuted earlier this year, Ringly is a New York-based startup aimed at designing chic, elegant wearable tech rings. Ringly is a customizable, Bluetooth connected “smart” ring that alerts you when you have different type of notifications on your phone. Through the app, you can select which updates you want to be notified about and change the color and vibration for each separate notification. That way, without having to look at your phone, you can immediately recognize if your phone vibration was a text from a friend or maybe an email from your boss. The ring comes in four different gemstone styles, each being slightly translucent allowing the light from a notification to shine through.


REI Chooses to #OptOutside This Black Friday

On Black Friday this year, REI will be closing all 143 of their stores and corporate offices for the day and paying their employees to take the day and go enjoy the outdoors. Over the past few years, some retailers have been pulling out of the Black Friday madness, closing on Thanksgiving and opening later on Friday, but REI has built an entire campaign around it. The company is encouraging both customers and fellow retailers to ditch the crazy mobs and long lines and #OptOutside. By building a microsite and centering the campaign around the hashtag #OptOutside, REI is hoping to inspire customers to post on social media showing how they are enjoying the outdoors come November 27th.  Seeing as Black Friday is one of the top 10 sales days of the year, REI is hoping this campaign will resonate authentically and genuinely with consumers – showing that they are true to their roots. 

App of the Week: Run Mo Run

Being Movember supporters ourselves over here at Legacy, it seemed fitting that this week’s app was made by and benefits the Movember Foundation. In this free app you are able to run, jump, and surf the main character Mo through five different levels of mustache mania, but make sure to watch out for any “close shaves!” All the money from both the ads and in-app purchases go straight to men’s health charities through the Movember foundation. Another great way to support the cause is by donating to our Legacy Mustache Partners Movember fundraising team!