Google-backed Magic Leap transforming the virtual reality game

Posted by Legacy Marketing / October 26


Google-backed Magic Leap transforming the virtual reality game

Over the past year, there have been plenty of companies offering devices to claim a stake in the virtual reality game. These VR devices allow you to transport yourself into another world or place entirely, experiencing things outside of where you are at the present moment. Unlike these devices, Magic Leap – a Google-backed tech start-up planning to release a new kind of VR headset - would allow you to overlay virtual, holographic-like 3D objects into your actual field of vision. The company’s technology has largely been kept under wraps but this past week their latest reveal video gave us a glimpse into what can be expected from the upcoming technology. And most critics agreed – they cannot wait to test it out. 

Nike Takes Us Back to The Future

Sometimes living in the 21st Century can feel like a big let down thanks to the extreme predictions things like The Jetson’s and Back to The Future set for us. But thanks to Nike, we just got a little bit closer to making those fantasies a reality. In honor of Back to The Future Day, Nike worked with Michael J. Fox to slyly announce that in 2016 the Nike Mag, aka self-tying shoes, will be available to the public. Rightfully so, Nike sent the first ever pair to Fox along with a handwritten note from Tinker, Nike’s most renowned designer. Nike stated that these are currently a limited edition release and will only be available via auction, with proceeds going towards the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson Research. Fox showed off the shoes hours after receiving them on the Jimmy Kimmel Live Show last Wednesday night.

Tommy Hilfinger Adds Extra Dimension to In-Store Experience

Technology innovations and digital experiences have quickly become the latest endeavor fashion designers are jumping into. Following suit, last Tuesday Tommy Hilfinger introduced their first virtual reality experience that will be available to customers at their NYC Fifth Ave store. Shoppers can don a Samsung GearVR headset to get a 3D, front row view of the label’s fall New York fashion show. This allows shoppers to view the season’s runway styles, scout pieces they like, and try them on immediately in the store. Now all we need are retail stores to perfect Cher Horowitz’s infamous outfit software technology from Clueless and fashionistas lives everywhere will be complete.

App of the week: Boomerang

Boomerang, the third and latest stand-alone app launched by Instagram, lets users create one-second long looping videos. The app takes a burst of photos and stiches them together in a GIF-life fashion, creating short videos that play forwards and backwards. The app’s interface is incredibly simple and after creating the video, allows users to share on Instagram or Facebook.