3D Printers Making Their Way To The Retail Market

Posted by Legacy Marketing / May 4

Lowes is taking the term DIY to a whole new level. By introducing 3D Printers and 3D scanners to some of their stores, the home improvement store will begin offering their customers customization and modification tools not achievable without this technology. Through a partnership with Authentise, the technology will allow customers to customize everything from shape, color and material for products ranging from door knobs to light switches. Whether you want to recreate an item that is no longer being made, use your imagination to create your own product, or customize an exsisting product, it can now be done thanks to these advancements. Check it out on AdAge.

Elon Musk, the man who brought us luxury electric cars and (possibly) trips to Space, is now bringing us home and industrial battery packs. Sound less than thrilling? Well they’re not. For about $3,500 you can buy yourself a Tesla Powerwall, a lithium-ion battery pack, designed to store solar energy and provide backup power.  Musk unveiled the Powerwall, strong enough to run a house or business for a few hours at a time, as well as the “Powerpack”, intended to allow cities and towns to store and distribute power. This could mean big things for restaurants and businesses reducing electricity, saving money, and staying lit during blackouts. Musk says their goal is to get people to rely more on solar power rather than fossil fuels so we can take a critical step towards becoming a zero emission power generation. Read details at WSJ.

Speaking of charging, Ikea recently released a catalog of furniture that will charge your smartphone for you. The Swedish home furnishing store is set to start making furniture with built-in charging technology that will be available in the US starting late Spring. The pieces will fall into three categories: wireless device charging pads intended to fit in with your home decor, furniture with built-in chargers, and a device that turns everyday furniture into a wireless charger. The items range from $28 to $119 and the retailer said it will also be introducing its own line of wireless charging covers for iPhones and Samsung’s Galaxy phones. Learn more on Gizmodo.