Three New Ways to Think About Technology

Posted by Lavatior Turner / January 2

From the very beginning, businesses have had problems tackling this beast called technology.  The relationship between business and technology has evolved over the decades until present day, where (in many marketing agencies) the business and technology sides of the shop are indistinguishable from each other.  By merging the two, businesses attempt to become more agile and increase productivity.  There are many roadblocks to changing the way technology is viewed within an enterprise, but in order to stay competitive business in any given industry must meet these challenges.  Here are three roadmaps that many companies have implemented successfully to overcome their obstacles.

Ask the right questions:  There was a time when all one had to do to craft a technology strategy was to inquire about what other agencies were doing.  The right approach nowadays is to ask about what technologies will help to make business processes more efficient, more robust, and help to accomplish specific business goals.  Know your business.  Know the goals you need to accomplish.  The technological solutions will emerge from that information alone.

Don’t be afraid:  Gone are the days when there was certainty about the tools and methods we use to accomplish our daily tasks.  But that is no reason to be afraid or intimidated by the rapid pace of change.  In this new era, while certain business goals stay constant, the methods and tools we use to accomplish those goals can change yearly, monthly, or weekly.  Always have the courage to invest in something new.  If even it fails, you have at least obtained information about what doesn’t work.  Research and development is a key component to any modern-day technology strategy.

Get out of your comfort zone:  Even the least tech savvy among us loves tech gadgetry.  Smartphones and tablets have taken the technology industry by storm.  But for corporate environments, the conversation moves beyond that of gadgets to talking about information and data.  How is information & data being stored, used, and analyzed?  People can speak with confidence about using gadgets, but lose that comfortable feeling when talking about the underlying technology.  That uncomfortable feeling should be a sign that more discussion is needed, not less.  Have these discussions as often as possible.

Crafting a technology strategy is exponentially more difficult now than it was a decade ago.  But agencies that can embrace new ways of thinking about technology, and can figure out how to reposition it to make the overall business more effective, should enjoy a lot of success in the coming decade. 

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