The Brand Called YOU.

Posted by Kathryn Schey / April 30

When I began my career my father said, “No matter how involved you become in work, always remember it is ‘your’ brand that will lead to your client’s success”.  Heart pounding and adrenaline rushing, I walked into my first day of work and opened brand ME.  Firm hand shakes, eye contact and an eagerness to learn were the fine print on my label; the polka dot note pad, Jackie O quote calendar and hobnail vase of tulips were my flair; fear of the unknown was my warning label.  My brand started long ago, however my brand awareness began that day and the evolution has continued.

Brand ME- I suspect some find this thought somewhat self-involved, and it is.  You are in command of your brand and most importantly you have the ability to change it at any moment. Take five minutes and look at some of the brands you are most attracted to on a daily basis, then ask yourself why you are attracted to them. Likely you will find it is because you trust them, you understand the value you receive as a return on your investment, and you relate to their offering and are satisfied on some level. 

Now take a moment and look at YOUR brand. Identify the characteristics that make you distinctive: strengths, noteworthy traits, accomplishments, intended legacy, and goals.  Make note of your findings in 15 words or less and read it several times. Recognize the things you are proud of, and think about ways to shape your areas of desired change by digging deep into your world of passions and inspirations. Let yourself get lost in your swirling thoughts.

Ok, come back for just a moment before you start your campaign.  Remember brand YOU must be believable to you before it is sold to your network of friends, colleagues, clients and customers.  Brand YOU requires maintenance and measurement - if you garner nothing more from our chat, remember Tom Peters, author of ‘Tom Peters Career Survival Guide’, four essentials to individual brand evolution:

  1. You must be a great teammate and supportive colleague
  2. You must be a business person- obsessed with pragmatic outcome
  3. You must be a broad-gauged visionary- a leader, teacher, farsighted ‘imagineer’
  4. You must be an exceptional expert at something that has real value


13 years later, the polka dots are still surrounding my workspace, Jackie O now has a place on my wall and the tulips are brighter than ever. Some inspirations should never change, but rather become the root of brand YOU.

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