Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Posted by Christy Sabol / April 15

“I can’t believe it is 5 p.m. already, where did the day go?!” Time flies by in the world of experiential marketing. Client calls, status meetings, vendor meetings, and daily responsibilities lead to long hours and weekends at certain times.  What can we do to ensure we don’t burnout? What can our managers do to help manage our time? Teamwork!

Teamwork is the foundation of all successful projects, just like spirits are the foundation of perfect cocktails. Building a strong team that supports one another equally helps achieve a healthy work and life balance. I love going to my 6 p.m. spin class on Wednesdays and I make it happen, with the help of my team. Below are three ways that help my team work as, well, a team!

  • Who needs help? Being open and honest regarding your workload and asking your team members if you can take something off their plate goes a long way. Not only does it establish a solid working relationship, but it usually ends up getting reciprocated in the future. If one of my team members needs support, we chat, and then develop a game plan of how the team can help. 
  • How to help? Submitting our best work every time requires a team effort. I have found that if we take the time to have a team member review a deck, wrap report, or budget, we can catch corrections up front and save our client’s time. We also strive to ensure we are delivering on all the client’s requests while providing recommendations and learnings where applicable.  Put your “client cap” on and ask yourself, what are the key takeaways the client is looking for and what questions might they have? Each team member can provide insights based on their role and experiences. 
  • Make time for fun! Legacy is a great place to work and our people are amazing. It’s clear through team outings, happy hours, and cool work environment that we like to have a good time. “Work hard, play hard” applies to my team’s dynamic and helps us continue to deliver exceptional results to our clients.  



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