Seven Ways To Know If You Have The Right Experiential Marketing Agency

Posted by Chris Kapsalis / October 16

When I left the world of big advertising for experiential marketing 13 years ago all of my colleagues had the same question;  “What the hell is experiential marketing?” Well times change and the 30 or so real experiential players that existed in 2000 have exploded with more than 800 US agencies claiming to do Experiential Marketing. Here is pretty good list of some of the best.

So, with all of the agencies out there, how do you know you have the right one working on your business?  Here are seven questions to ask that will help you determine if you have the right experientialpartner:

  1. Is your Experiential Agency an Experiential Agency?  You wouldn’t ask your PR Agency to do your Super bowl ad, so don’t ask your Promotions Agency or Ad Agency to do Experiential.

  2. Does their expertise mirror your needs?  Experiential is not a homogenous thing.  Mobile tours and brand ambassadors, corporate hospitality and sponsorship activation all vary greatly.  Make sure that your team has the skills in the areas you are engaging. The same goes for target audience expertise.

  3. Do they integrate digital and social into their approach?  One offs are dead, and a waste of money.  Digital and Social amplification of Experiential is the future; make sure your agency has the team to deliver.

  4. Can they deliver big ideas?  This is true of any agency but a lot of experiential agencies are execution shops, make sure your partner is built to sit at the table with integrated, strategic,creative thought leadership.

  5. Can they bring those big ideas to life?  Experiential isn’t like advertising where you get to recut the spot until it tests well.  It is a live medium where the best ideas are worthless without solid execution.  Make sure your team has the execution chops.

  6. Do they understand ROI?  Experiential can deliver one of the best ROIs in your marketing mix, or it can be a really expensive party.  Make sure your agency knows the difference.

  7. Do they have the right network?  There are a lot of moving parts in a successful experiential program.  Field staff, set builders, transportation companies, venues and talent just to name a few.  Make sure your experiential agency has the right people in the right places to succeed.