Giving Back is Good Business

Posted by Chris Kapsalis / June 3

When we formed Legacy we set a goal of being a good corporate citizen. While that may sound noble, the fact of the matter is that giving back to those in need has paid dividends for the agency far more reaching than what we could have imagined.

Below are 5 real world benefits Legacy receives from our commitment to community:

  1. It’s the best form of stress relief you can imagine.  When you help others who truly need help, the stress of day-to-day agency life seems pretty insignificant.
  2. We have a healthier, happier agency.  The physical benefits of philanthropy are well documented.  According to a recent University of California study, volunteering has a positive impact on lifespan.
  3. It gets us out of the office and connected to great people.  The groups we partner with provide our people a unique perspective, which helps us be more creative in our daily work. Moreover, the types of folks you meet through charity involvement tend to be pretty amazing.
  4. It helps us break down our own silos.  In our business it is pretty easy to get tunnel vision.  You work day in and day out on the account you are assigned to or the function area in which you perform.  Our charity work mixes up the teams and creates new and stronger internal bonds.
  5. It provides perspective:  We perform at a high level and our commitment and focus to the most minute of details is why clients love us.  While we won’t ever stop doing that, working with people who are truly in need gives every one of us the ability to take a step back and learn what is really important.

Legacy has been a proud partner to Autism Speaks for seven years, raising over $280,000 through a property we created, the Autism Speaks Heroes Ball.   In addition to generating much needed funding it has significantly increased awareness of autism to a new audience through millions of media impressions. Additionally, we have further supported Autism Speaks through our annual participation in their largest fundraiser of the year, Walk Now for Autism Speaks Chicago, raising more than $3,000 this year alone through our walk team.

Legacy is also a supporter of the Illinois Patriot Education Fund helping them in their mission to provide financial assistance to support the educational journey for Illinois military service men and women who have given their lives or become disabled in service to our country and their families. 

To learn how you can help these great organizations, click on the links above or reach out to me via phone or email.