10 Ways to Show Employee Appreciation!

Posted by Charelle Williams / November 8

  1. Encourage and engage employees: Be positive, give compliments and recognition.  One of the easiest and most effective ways to let your employees know you appreciate them is to tell them.  Something as simple as a written or verbal ‘thank you’ for a job well done can go a very long way.
  2. Open communication: Meet face to face versus emails or text messages.  Give feedback early and often.  Listen.
  3. Flexibility: Life doesn’t always go as planned, and major life changes can happen at any moment.  By offering employees flexibility, they will see that you value their life outside of the office.
  4. Educational training/development: Offer employees an opportunity to attend professional job-related events in your area.  This will provide employees with more expertise to do their jobs even better, which in the end will also benefit the company.  Another option to develop employees could be something as simple as implementing  “Lunch and Learn” sessions hosted internally by your own staff.
  5. Implement Wellness Program: Implement wellness programs onsite to assist in improving employee health.  A few examples would be employee massages, serving healthy meals, offering flu shots, and incentives to stop smoking or even an incentive to lose weight.
  6. Company Celebrations: When a business is successful it is due to the efforts of the employees.  Therefore, recognizing achievement through company celebrations, which includes the employees, will go a long way.  Our agency has two off-site company parties each year, happy hours at the office, and even potlucks a couple times a year.
  7. Treats: Everyone enjoys eating, we sure do. You can pick a day each month to bring in some type of treat for your team. Whether it’s something healthy or even something to splurge on, it will be appreciated.  It doesn’t necessarily have to be anything extraordinary, and the amount you spend isn’t what matters: it’s the thought that counts.
  8. Lead by Example: By demonstrating and respecting your employees and coworkers, they will respect you.  It’s important to set good examples if you expect to receive the same in return.  Working alongside your colleagues will gain you respect and appreciation because you see firsthand what they go through day in and day out.
  9. Be Friendly: Get involved in your employees’ lives and have natural, non-work-related conversations with them.  It is sometimes a difficult task to walk the line between being a manager and a friend.  Some people say it can’t be done, but I believe it can.  It is possible to be a boss and a friend, as long as you find the delicate balance between the two. 
  10. Above and Beyond Recognition: Reward your overachievers.  Make a big deal about the special awards that can be presented when someone really goes all out and makes a major contribution to the agency.


This year at Legacy Marketing Partners we have implemented “The Legacy’s.”  This program is an annual internal awards program where we will recognize the contributions and hard work that our employees put forth to make Legacy a great place to work.  There are nine different categories, which will cover a wide range of contributions and achievements.  We had great employee participation and look forward to announcing the winners at our holiday party on December 5th!

What does your company do to show employee appreciation? 


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