Amanda Turnbull
Amanda Turnbull SVP, Client Services

My primary role as senior vice president of client services at Legacy is to oversee our business with Pernod Ricard USA, the premium spirits and wine company in the U.S. Our work for them focuses on strengthening their presence at on-premise locations nationwide and creating other programs and events that build brand loyalty.

I enjoy developing strategies and collaborating with our creative and digital teams to ensure that we are stewarding our clients’ brands and generating measurable results. I also enjoy leading a team of more than 200 people across the country that is responsible for strengthening and expanding Pernod Ricard’s relationships with consumers. Their knowledge, commitment and passion motivates me every day.

I’ve been with Legacy since its inception 10 years ago. In that time, we’ve grown our business exponentially and expanded our national footprint to include an active full-time presence in more than 40 markets. That kind of growth, is exhausting but tremendously rewarding.

As an agency, we also embrace our community and I feel honored to spearhead our pro bono efforts. I’m particularly proud of our relationship with Autism Speaks and the work we do for them. We created an annual fundraiser, the Heroes Ball, and also contribute to their other fundraising activities. We also participate in charity walks, clothing drives and other activities. While our agency mantra is “We Inspire Passion,” we also demonstrate compassion – a value shared by everyone in the agency.

SVP, Client Services
Elise Roberts
Elise Roberts Associate Director of Marketing Analytics

In leading the analytics department at Legacy, my main focus is ensuring our experiential efforts meet and exceed brand objectives and ultimately drive ROI.

I began my career working at a Fortune 500 company as a merchandise analyst and quickly moved into digital analytics where I focused on programs supporting companies such as Hewlett Packard. Being able to take this same construct and apply it to a more engaging and consumer focused initiative is what truly intrigues me and drives my passion for analytics. Through our immersive events to the year-long field marketing programs Legacy Marketing activates, we can see how our events shape and redefine the consumer’s mindset and ultimately how an initiative impacts specific product sales.

I am lucky to be leading a team of some of the hardest working individuals constantly striving for excellence, while pushing the envelope from not only a reporting standpoint but also a client satisfaction perspective. We work hand-in-hand with our in-house digital team as well as the account teams to provide a holistic approach to reporting – from development to implementation and finally bringing it full circle with our proposed recommendations based on key learnings obtained throughout the program.

I am of the mindset that if we are not learning, evolving and striving to be the best in our processes and methodologies, we are going to be passed by. With that I can confidently say I am thrilled to be part of an agency that is ahead of the curve within the experiential marketing space.



Associate Director of Marketing Analytics
Sean Hannigan
Sean Hannigan National Activation Director

I was twenty-one years old and about to finish my college education at Purdue University when I thought it would be a good idea to get a job bartending. That’s when it all changed. One drink served to the right person set me down my path in spirits marketing and sales. Fast-forward to present day where I now oversee one of the most reputable national field structures in the industry.

As the National Activation Director on the Pernod Ricard USA portfolio at Legacy, I’m in a unique position to work across several cross functional teams to ensure our campaigns are rooted in actionable insights based upon real-time data and the latest market trends. It goes without saying but our people are the foundation of our success. We take great pride investing in diversely comprehensive training programs and tactical field systems that empower and motivate our teams to deliver unforgettable consumer experiences for our client’s brands.

I’m fortunate that a humble gin and tonic so many years ago has led me to an agency with an unparalleled passion for the clients they represent, the work they produce, and the culture they breed.

National Activation Director
Kevin Berg
Kevin Berg Chairman

Shortly after I began my career in corporate finance and media buying, I ventured out on my own, founding KBA Marketing, an early pioneer in experiential marketing.  I led and built several other marketing agencies prior to starting Legacy with a team of seasoned marketers that shared a vision to create a new type of agency and lead the evolution of our industry.

I’m an entrepreneur at heart and have a passion for ideas.  This mentality has enabled me to inspire an uninhibited culture at Legacy -- one that fosters creativity and innovation.  As a result, we have produced highly original and successful work for our clients.  Also, our people thrive because they feel empowered and rewarded.

In my role at Legacy, I make sure we challenge the status quo and push the envelope in order to develop groundbreaking programs that move the needle.  With the advent of technology and 24/7 connectivity, our clients’ relationships with their audiences is more constant than ever before.  We embrace this opportunity to integrate live + digital campaigns that establish meaningful connections and then extend the dialogue, increasing ROI.

While we do tremendous work for our clients, I’m equally proud of the significant pro bono work we do for Autism Speaks, among others.  It’s rewarding to see our people rally behind causes that are important to them personally and our community at large. 

Chris Kapsalis
Chris Kapsalis EVP, General Manager

Our vision at Legacy is to build powerful, rational and emotional connections between our clients’ brands and their audiences. As general manager, my job is to make sure that happens every day, with everything we touch.

That’s one of the reasons why I try to foster a culture that empowers our people to challenge clients with bold ideas and new ways of bringing them to life. I strive to reward passion and excellence, while eliminating culture killers like drama and bureaucracy.

Many of our clients tell me they hired us because we brought them great ideas and they trusted our track record of flawless execution. But what I’m most proud of, and what keeps me motivated every day, is when they tell me they stay with us year after year because our people demonstrate a level of commitment and passion that they can’t find anywhere else. Our agency mantra is “ We Inspire Passion,” and our ability to live up to that every day is how I measure success.

EVP, General Manager
Lina Giraldo
Lina Giraldo Director, Business Development and Marketing

As Director of Business Development and Marketing, I am responsible for marketing our agency and telling our compelling story in a manner that showcases our innovative approach to solving client challenges.  I also ensure that we are providing a unique and insight-driven response and solution to each prospective client partner. 

My diverse professional and personal background enables me to have a deep understanding of our clients and their ever-changing needs.  Also, having spent many years in client service, I enjoy building successful relationships and integrating new business into the agency. 

One of the many things I love about Legacy is our unbridled passion for bold and insightful ideas that are rooted in the power of the personal experience.  I also have a personal passion for connecting people in a culturally relevant and meaningful way.

At Legacy, we view ourselves as an extension of our clients and proactively share ideas and collaborate with cross functional teams to provide the best thought leadership and integrated solutions.

We also are committed to delivering programs with measurable results that meet or exceed client expectations.  This motivation fuels the drive we put forward every day.

I feel fortunate to work in a dynamic industry and at an inspiring agency where each day provides new challenges and opportunities to create innovative solutions rooted in live + digital brand experiences. 

Lina Giraldo -- Director of Business Development at Legacy Marketing Partners
Director, Business Development and Marketing
Cheryl Fein
Cheryl Fein CFO

As a licensed CPA, my early career started with a stint at one of the Big Four firms, where I gained extensive experience working in both the tax and audit departments.  Following that, I embarked on a more entrepreneurial path in private practice which led to taking a position as in-house CFO for one of my clients, a predecessor agency to Legacy.

Today, my primary focus is on financial strategy, planning and compliance, as well as overseeing our finance team.  In addition, I lead the charge from a M&A and due diligence perspective, as we continue to grow and expand Legacy’s capabilities and service offerings to meet evolving client needs. 

In my spare time, I work with our senior management team to ensure that we are running and managing our business effectively and efficiently.  I feel fortunate to work among a group of incredibly talented and creative people in such a vibrant industry.  At Legacy, we all share a passion for our business and clients.  There’s a tremendous amount of satisfaction working with people who care so deeply about the work they produce and clients they serve.  We work hard ,but still manage to have a lot of fun and not take ourselves too seriously. I make sure of that.

Tony Nestorovski
Tony Nestorovski Director, Accounting

My early career and background in finance and accounting was rooted in the restaurant and professional service industries, which has provided me the ability to see and experience business perspectives from both the customer and client perspective. That’s why I try to base my approach to work on the old adage that “the customer is always right”.  Keeping this basic principle at the forefront of what I do helps me maintain a healthy and collaborative perspective. 

As Accounting Director of Client Service at Legacy, I am fortunate to work closely with our account, creative and digital teams which helps give me a full 360 degree view of the work we do for our clients.  I enjoy the challenge of working with them to develop and adhere to agreed upon budgets as we bring ideas to life. It is energizing to see the innovative and creative programs that we develop and implement on a daily basis. 

Working in the experiential and integrated marketing industry for the past 15 years, has provided me with valuable insights into the dynamics of the creative mind and has enabled me to view projects from a variety of perspectives.  At Legacy, our agency culture embraces and values creativity and innovation in every aspect of our business, including finance and accounting.  It is stimulating to work in this dynamic environment.  It’s also motivating and rewarding to work with a variety of individuals each day who are truly passionate about their clients and the work they do for them.  Not only does it keep me on my toes, it also keeps them tapping.

One of the greatest highlights of my career at Legacy is the successful, long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationships that we have forged with our client and supplier partners.  These relationships are based on mutual respect and true collaboration. I think that is a true measure of our success.  

Director, Accounting
Craig Ducker
Craig Ducker Account Director

My marketing journey began at Major League Baseball’s Florida Marlins, where I immediately recognized my passion for event marketing and consumer engagement programming.  Since then, I have managed both above and below-the-line campaigns across a diverse range of industries including spirits, travel, automotive, sports and entertainment, gaming, CPG, retail, healthcare and banking.

After more than 14 years working at leading agencies in the Southeast, I felt it was time to bring my talents to the Midwest, as an account director on Legacy’s spirits business.  In my current role, I constantly leverage my knowledge and experience managing national, experiential marketing campaigns for some of the largest spirits brands in the world.  I also enjoy collaborating with our cross-functional teams to develop best in-class programming that delivers results for our clients.

I keep a watchful eye on the competitive landscape and industry trends.  This mentality helps me maintain a proactive approach towards growing and enhancing our clients’ business. I’m always challenging our team to think differently and push the needle -- complacency is never an option for me. 

I have a great passion for our client partners.  It’s rewarding to develop strategic and integrated programs utilizing real-time consumer insights and analytics that drive trial, consideration and purchase.   After all, consumer and shopper insights should be the driving force behind our thinking.

I am thrilled to be part of such a talented team at Legacy.

Account Director
Charelle Hammond
Charelle Hammond Director of Human Resources

At Legacy we believe that our greatest asset is our people. So one of the most important aspects of my job is to make sure that we are attracting, developing and retaining the best talent in the industry. We also need to ensure that we are providing the right environment and facilitating a healthy culture where people and ideas thrive.

In many ways my role is that of an employee advocate, however, I also have to strike the right balance with management. I am passionate about our people and their success and well-being. It’s no secret that one of my favorite aspects of my job is benefits. I make sure that we take good care of our employees -- I’ve even been known to make doctor’s appointments for people and make sure they get there on-time. We’re fortunate to offer comprehensive medical coverage and retirement plans to our employees. I strongly encourage them to take advantage of them – especially in this day and age where other employers have cut back.

In my role, I’m lucky to interact with almost everyone in the agency. It’s allowed me to develop real and lasting connections with our employees.


Director of Human Resources
Brian Rosi
Brian Rosi Account Director

I began my career in marketing more than a decade ago in the promotions department at a radio station in Columbus, Ohio.  In that capacity, I developed and executed listener engagements at community events, live remotes and promotions for a variety of clients.  I also activated sponsorships at headline concerts and events.

Little did I know at the time just how fateful the allure of unfettered access to concert tickets would prove in my career path. In hindsight, it was a fortuitous catalyst which ultimately led me to my current role as Account Director at Legacy, where I manage on-premise and consumer engagement programming for a leading portfolio of spirits brands.  

I’m proud to work at Legacy, a genuine vanguard within the experiential industry. We deliver integrated programs which incorporate strategic planning, consumer insights, breakthrough creative, flawless execution and measurable results in addition to unparalleled client service. We enable our clients to go to market in a calculated way that is authentic to the DNA of their brand; in consumer marketing, there is arguably no more important challenge.

We are also committed to maintaining a culture within our agency that inspires passion and demands cross-functional excellence. I believe this is the bedrock upon which our truly unique agency is built.  

Account Director
Vince Parrinello
Vince Parrinello CEO

My passion for experiential marketing  began when I took a temporary job at a marketing agency after graduating college with an Aviation Science and Management degree.  After that fortuitous detour, I was hooked on the business and also caught the entrepreneurial bug.  Soon, I branched out on my own with a partner establishing an agency, Group III Promotions, before co-founding Legacy.

During my career, I’ve been fortunate to work with leading global brands in a variety of industries, as well as incredibly talented individuals who share a passion for our business.  I also enjoy representing our agency and speaking at industry events.  However, my greatest satisfaction comes from clients when they acknowledge our passion for their business and commitment to their success.

Today, we live in a world of constant change and I thrive on being able to lead and evolve our agency in this dynamic environment.  At Legacy, we’ve nurtured a culture of creativity and innovation, while priding ourselves on flawless execution.  The results have been award-winning programs that generate measurable results.

While much of my time is spent on networking and business development, I also enjoy the opportunity to interact with all aspects of our agency from client services and creative to finance and operations, ensuring that everything we do is focused around building value for our clients. In addition, I’m pleased that we’ve instilled a commitment to community service and focus on charitable giving through our association with Autism Speaks and other philanthropic organizations.

Bruce Turner
Bruce Turner Director, Information Technology

As the director of IT at Legacy, I’m responsible for the design and functionality of our entire network and infrastructure. I’m also charged with ensuring that our employees, who are scattered across the country, and at times the world, can easily and successfully communicate and work.

To achieve this objective, we’ve implemented sophisticated tools and systems. We’ve also developed best practices and procedures to ensure that our data, and that of our clients, is readily accessible yet protected on multiple levels.

It’s a great feeling knowing that our team members can communicate and access important data from anywhere at any time. That’s important to them because it enables them to deliver high value to their clients. It also helps me sleep at night.

Most of all, I enjoy working with our account and business development teams to identify and deploy new technologies and applications that enable them to succeed. It’s rewarding to introduce solutions to our clients as well. On multiple occasions, we’ve helped further their business objectives through the use of technology. The IT team here is fortunate because our executives encourage and empower us to investigate and pursue new ideas that move our business forward. 

Director, Information Technology
Kathryn Schey
Kathryn Schey Group Account Director

As an account director managing Legacy’s corporate and B2B work, I have a passion for connecting clients with their audiences through unique and impactful experiences.

I have an eye for details and a flair for creativity so I enjoy the challenge of integrating our clients’ brand and messaging into every program component.  I also thrive on providing a level of unparalleled client service and satisfaction.

In order to achieve success, we start by immersing ourselves in our clients’ brand strategy and objectives. We also engage multiple stakeholders to understand their challenges and facilitate alignment and collaboration.  In addition, we view our relationships with clients as long lasting partnerships.  This approach, along with our flawless execution, ensures that we exceed their expectations and deliver measureable results – time and time again.

I think our clients recognize and appreciate our standard of perfection – it’s just part of our DNA at Legacy and we strive to live by it every day.  We also value teamwork, commitment and hard work. I see these values in my team and it motivates me.  I am continually energized by the great work we do for our clients.  It’s rewarding to see the positive impact we have on our clients’ success.  

Group Account Director
Kim Georgeff
Kim Georgeff Vice President

My association with Legacy goes way back, having worked at KBA Marketing, a predecessor agency, in the mid 1990s.

I began my career in the entertainment industry, where I worked as a production assistant and after getting a taste for event marketing I was hooked on the business. I then transitioned to field marketing where I thrived on managing, motivating and mobilizing large teams and executing major programs nationwide.

Over the past two decades, I’ve been fortunate to work with some of the biggest brands in retail, food and beverage. I rely on that experience every day as I continue to develop and implement successful programs that move the needle for our clients.

I’m somewhat of a utility player and jack-of-all-trades at Legacy, which keeps me on my toes. Basically, I go wherever the action requires. Recently, I managed a large-scale event with 6,000 attendees. Next, I could be organizing a multi-city tour with dozens of teams to make sure everything comes together as planned. Whatever the challenge, I welcome it.

Vice President
Jason Thompson
Jason Thompson Associate Creative Director

Throughout my career, I’ve worked with a broad range of brands—from spirits and beer to hospitality and healthcare. With every project, I challenge myself and my team to invent captivating and compelling campaigns never seen before. I value strong collaboration with colleagues and clients to develop and produce bold ideas, strong executions and flawless work that surpasses expectations and achieves results.

The best part of marketing to me is the open forum and platform we have today to create and evolve brands through unique storytelling that leaves lasting impressions. As a creative director at Legacy Marketing, I revel in problem solving, conjuring fresh ideas and executing unique activations. The visual and sensorial experiences behind every concept and program we develop help push brands into new, groundbreaking territories.

It’s always rewarding to see a successful, final product. Regardless of the challenges a project may present, I never forget how great it is to be a creative leader.

Associate Creative Director
Mark Driggs
Mark Driggs EVP, Business Operations

I oversee business operations at Legacy, including everything from IT and HR to risk management and compliance. I also manage our contractual relationships with supplier partners, venues, talent and any other third parties.

Basically, I consider it my responsibility to ensure that we are managing and running our business effectively and efficiently, while delivering great service to our clients. This necessitates providing our various teams with the right tools and resources to do their jobs successfully and without unnecessary bureaucracy and red tape.

Most importantly, it requires us to recruit, hire, develop and retain the best talent in the industry. After all, our people are our product. I’m particularly proud of the tremendously talented and diverse team we’ve assembled and continue to supplement. 

I also work closely with our account, creative and digital teams to ensure that we are adhering to client guidelines, agency protocols and industry best practices. It’s my daily mission to practice what we preach. That has enabled us to grow our business by delivering flawless execution and measurable value.  

EVP, Business Operations
Christy Sabol
Christy Sabol Senior Director of Events

As an Account Director at Legacy, my focus is on bringing our client’s brands to life through large scale event platforms that engage and inspire their target audiences.  These events include industry trade functions, corporate hospitality, consumer activations, brand ambassador programs, sponsorships, music festivals and on-premise engagements, among others.  They all contribute to the success of our client’s brands and help differentiate them in a competitive and cluttered environment. 

Each event requires many levels of customization and a detailed focus, without losing sight of the big picture objective.  And, behind each successful event is a team of dedicated and passionate individuals.  I began my career in field marketing so I understand how important our Legacy field structure and team is and the role they play in successfully executing events in more than 40 markets nationwide.  These relationships and resources help us provide the ultimate experience for our clients and their target audiences in keeping with Legacy’s standard of flawless execution.

At Legacy, our success is based in large part on our team dynamic and approach.  We value and foster a culture that acknowledges and rewards collaboration.  I take great pride in my own team's accomplishments and have been fortunate to develop strong and long lasting relationships with our clients as well.  However, I also embrace the notion that we have to earn their trust and business every day and through every event that we produce for them. 

I feel fortunate to have spent the last seven years of my career at Legacy working with great colleagues and clients doing what I love.  Spirits marketing and events are my passion. I also enjoy traveling and appreciate that my position has provided me with me incredible opportunities to travel around the world.  

Senior Director of Events
Kristin Gusanders
Kristin Gusanders EVP, Client Services

As executive vice president of client services, I oversee all of our account teams at Legacy. In many ways, my primary role is quality control: ensuring that everything we do meets or exceeds our clients’ expectations. This involves understanding our clients’ objectives and working with our creative, digital and account teams to develop insights and execute programs that further their business.

Our clients place a great deal of trust in us and I never take that trust for granted. I enjoy engaging with our clients and building stronger relationships with them. I realize and embrace the fact that we need to prove ourselves every day. It’s not about what we did yesterday – we can’t rest on our laurels. 

I’m constantly asking myself and our teams “what else can we do to improve and deliver greater value to our clients?” It’s a never-ending quest.

In my role, I also enjoy having the ability to mentor, counsel and motivate our younger staff. I try to make sure that we foster an environment and culture conducive to attracting and developing passionate, talented and engaged employees. It’s rewarding to see them grow and succeed.  

EVP, Client Services
Shari Moehlenkamp
Shari Moehlenkamp Vice President, Finance

As Vice President of Finance, I manage Legacy’s finance department, including everything from payroll to accounts payable to budgeting and financial analysis.

It’s a constant challenge to implement systems and processes that don’t overburden our people, but give us the information we need to efficiently manage our business. That’s what I love about my job. I’m constantly looking for new ways to improve our information flow and ensure that we have accurate and up-to-date financial data to share with account teams and management. In my position, I also try to maintain the delicate balance of doing what’s best for our clients and right for Legacy. 

We treat our clients’ money as if it’s our own and this requires complete objectivity and a client-minded focus.

You probably won’t hear many CPAs boast about their workplace and corporate culture but that’s probably because they aren’t surrounded by tremendously fun, diverse and creative people. Working at Legacy has provided me with a stimulating and collaborative environment. I’m lucky because I love what I do and where I do it.

Vice President, Finance
Alex Ricchi
Alex Ricchi Account Director

I began this amazing lifestyle in marketing more than 15 years ago, when I originally started my career on the property side of marketing, managing large-scale sporting events for Fortune 500 companies. 

Since then, I have successfully managed countless programs and events throughout the United States, China, Europe, the United Kingdom and South America.  My clients have included emerging and established brands representing a variety of industries including sports and entertainment, technology, retail, food and beverage and CPG, among others.  Learning how not just to thrive, but wildly succeed in these dynamic environments and times has made me the veteran marketer and well-rounded person I am today.  My diverse experiences and background also helps me tackle each new challenge with a healthy dose of curiosity, confidence and enthusiasm.

I am elated to work at an agency with colleagues who share my passion for marketing and clients who challenge us with new opportunities.  Learning the intimate details of what makes my clients and their consumers tick keeps me on my toes each day.   To me the challenge is more than just marketing our clients’ brands; it’s also about understanding today’s culture and consumer behavior – what’s driving it and where it’s going next – in this constantly changing world.

I am proud to be part of the client service leadership team at Legacy in an environment that celebrates innovation and creativity and also embraces a ‘do-whatever-it-takes’ attitude.  

Account Director