Kristin Gusanders

EVP, Client Services

As executive vice president of client services, I oversee all of our account teams at Legacy. In many ways, my primary role is quality control: ensuring that everything we do meets or exceeds our clients’ expectations. This involves understanding our clients’ objectives and working with our creative, digital and account teams to develop insights and execute programs that further their business.

Our clients place a great deal of trust in us and I never take that trust for granted. I enjoy engaging with our clients and building stronger relationships with them. I realize and embrace the fact that we need to prove ourselves every day. It’s not about what we did yesterday – we can’t rest on our laurels. 

I’m constantly asking myself and our teams “what else can we do to improve and deliver greater value to our clients?” It’s a never-ending quest.

In my role, I also enjoy having the ability to mentor, counsel and motivate our younger staff. I try to make sure that we foster an environment and culture conducive to attracting and developing passionate, talented and engaged employees. It’s rewarding to see them grow and succeed.