Kevin Berg


Shortly after I began my career in corporate finance and media buying, I ventured out on my own, founding KBA Marketing, an early pioneer in experiential marketing.  I led and built several other marketing agencies prior to starting Legacy with a team of seasoned marketers that shared a vision to create a new type of agency and lead the evolution of our industry.

I’m an entrepreneur at heart and have a passion for ideas.  This mentality has enabled me to inspire an uninhibited culture at Legacy -- one that fosters creativity and innovation.  As a result, we have produced highly original and successful work for our clients.  Also, our people thrive because they feel empowered and rewarded.

In my role at Legacy, I make sure we challenge the status quo and push the envelope in order to develop groundbreaking programs that move the needle.  With the advent of technology and 24/7 connectivity, our clients’ relationships with their audiences is more constant than ever before.  We embrace this opportunity to integrate live + digital campaigns that establish meaningful connections and then extend the dialogue, increasing ROI.

While we do tremendous work for our clients, I’m equally proud of the significant pro bono work we do for Autism Speaks, among others.  It’s rewarding to see our people rally behind causes that are important to them personally and our community at large.