Elise Roberts

Associate Director of Marketing Analytics

In leading the analytics department at Legacy, my main focus is ensuring our experiential efforts meet and exceed brand objectives and ultimately drive ROI.

I began my career working at a Fortune 500 company as a merchandise analyst and quickly moved into digital analytics where I focused on programs supporting companies such as Hewlett Packard. Being able to take this same construct and apply it to a more engaging and consumer focused initiative is what truly intrigues me and drives my passion for analytics. Through our immersive events to the year-long field marketing programs Legacy Marketing activates, we can see how our events shape and redefine the consumer’s mindset and ultimately how an initiative impacts specific product sales.

I am lucky to be leading a team of some of the hardest working individuals constantly striving for excellence, while pushing the envelope from not only a reporting standpoint but also a client satisfaction perspective. We work hand-in-hand with our in-house digital team as well as the account teams to provide a holistic approach to reporting – from development to implementation and finally bringing it full circle with our proposed recommendations based on key learnings obtained throughout the program.

I am of the mindset that if we are not learning, evolving and striving to be the best in our processes and methodologies, we are going to be passed by. With that I can confidently say I am thrilled to be part of an agency that is ahead of the curve within the experiential marketing space.