Brian Rosi

Account Director

I began my career in marketing more than a decade ago in the promotions department at a radio station in Columbus, Ohio.  In that capacity, I developed and executed listener engagements at community events, live remotes and promotions for a variety of clients.  I also activated sponsorships at headline concerts and events.

Little did I know at the time just how fateful the allure of unfettered access to concert tickets would prove in my career path. In hindsight, it was a fortuitous catalyst which ultimately led me to my current role as Account Director at Legacy, where I manage on-premise and consumer engagement programming for a leading portfolio of spirits brands.  

I’m proud to work at Legacy, a genuine vanguard within the experiential industry. We deliver integrated programs which incorporate strategic planning, consumer insights, breakthrough creative, flawless execution and measurable results in addition to unparalleled client service. We enable our clients to go to market in a calculated way that is authentic to the DNA of their brand; in consumer marketing, there is arguably no more important challenge.

We are also committed to maintaining a culture within our agency that inspires passion and demands cross-functional excellence. I believe this is the bedrock upon which our truly unique agency is built.